AY Poyoo – Alfa Hour [download mp3]

AY Poyoo – Alfa Hour [download mp3]

AY Poyoo – Alfa Hour [download mp3]

AY Poyoo – Alfa Hour [download mp3]. AY Poyoo, the Ghanaian comic rapper, has been making waves in the music industry with his unique approach to music. His style is characterized by humorous and entertaining lyrics that often center around comical themes and wordplay. AY Poyoo’s rise to fame can be attributed to his viral hit “GOAT,” which garnered significant attention on social media platforms and music streaming services.

“Alfa Hour” is the latest addition to AY Poyoo’s growing discography, and it’s expected to follow in the same lighthearted and playful vein as his previous releases. AY Poyoo has a knack for creating catchy and entertaining music that resonates with his fans and listeners who appreciate humor in their music.

One of the unique aspects of AY Poyoo’s music is his ability to combine witty and humorous lyrics with engaging beats, making his songs not only entertaining but also musically satisfying. His unorthodox persona and approach to music have carved a niche for him in the Ghanaian music scene and beyond.


As he continues to churn out amusing tracks like “Alfa Hour,” AY Poyoo maintains his status as one of the most entertaining and comedic artists in the industry. His music appeals to those looking for a good laugh and a fun musical experience. If you’re in the mood for music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, AY Poyoo’s “Alfa Hour” is definitely worth a listen.

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