Watch Akrobeto education on breast massage during sex

Watch Akrobeto education on breast massage during sex

Watch Akrobeto education on breast massage during sex
Popular Kumawood actor and comic TV presenter, Akrobeto

Watch Akrobeto education on breast massage during sex. Popular Kumawood actor and comic TV presenter, Akwasi Boadi popularly known as Akrobeto, has issued a caution to men regarding their approach to lovemaking, particularly when it comes to breast massage during sexual intercourse.

Akrobeto‘s advice comes in response to a viral sex education video where a woman nurse was teaching men how to properly fondle breasts, highlighting the negative effects of aggressive handling.

Speaking on his Real News TV show on UTV on June 8, 2023, Akrobeto emphasized the importance of treating a woman’s breasts with care and sensitivity.

He humorously pointed out that some men, in their quest to please their partners, tend to fondle breasts in a rough manner, likening it to mashing kenkey, a local Ghanaian dish.

According to him, if it is true that women derive pleasure from breast stimulation, it is crucial to focus on the nipple, the area associated with breastfeeding. He advised men to touch their partner’s breasts gently and fondle it with care while demonstrating the technique on his TV show.

“Our men, some are not sexy, I am telling you the fact. A man has heard that when you fondle a lady’s breast, she becomes happy so when he touches the breast, he doesn’t do it with care, they fondle it anyhow like mashing Kenkey, why?

“If it is true that ladies have feelings in their breasts, then it has to do with the nipple, where the children suck. So, all you need to do is to touch it gently and fondly nicely, just look at me, I have been a teacher before (demonstrating the act on his TV show), then you lick it with your tongue. But you don’t press it anyhow, why?

“Don’t you know you will hurt her?; we don’t do it that way, even there are some people that they don’t even have any feelings in their breasts, some of them their feelings have to do with their ears while others also have theirs at different places , the moment you touch it then they are aroused. All these things you need to know and one thing that worries us is that in Ghana when we are having sex, we turn off the lights. Thus, if someone is killing you through sex nobody even notices it,” he said.

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